Our Business

Urban Park Management

National Government Parks

We are managing 13 out of 17 National Government Parks in Japan. National Government Parks are established by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  • Showa Kinen Park

    Location:Tachikawa, Tokyo
    Visitors p.a.:3,680,000

  • Alps Azumino N.G.P.

    Alps Azumino N.G.P.

    Location:Nagano Pref.
    Area:131ha /349ha
    Visitors p.a.:460,000

  • Echigo Hillside Park

    Echigo Hillside Park

    Location: Niigata Pref.
    Area:298.4ha /400ha
    Visitors p.a.:500,000

  • Kiso Sansen Park

    Kiso Sansen Park

    Location:Gifu, Aichi and Mie Pref.
    Area:239.1 /6,118ha
    Visitors p.a.:8,410,000

Municipal Parks and Facilities

We are managing 14 municipal parks and some facilities.