Our Business

Development of Human Resources

Training of Environmental Educators

Since 1999, we have had an exclusive license from Council for Environmental Education in the U.S.A and promoted an environmental program called “Project WILD”. The total number of facilitators and educators for “Project WILD” in Japan has reached about 500 and over 20,000 respectively so far.

Training of Park Professionals

Forum for Urban Park Management

We have an annual forum for Park professionals to improve their professional ability.
In this Forum, we have many presentations of good practices on urban parks and workshops to share with some issues and information of urban park management.

Qualification System for Park Administrators in Japan

In 2006, we launched the qualification system for park administrators to improve their professional abilities and certify park administrators.
Over 1,800 qualified park administrators in Japan were qualified by 2012.

Promotion of knowledge about Flower and Green

Website “Kouen Bunka WEB*”

On the website, we provides information of Parks, flowers, green and culture and trivia quizzes of flower and green to opportunity for enjoying flower and green.

*”Kouen Bunka” means “Park Culture” in Japanese

“Yume*”Plan Award for Urban Parks

“Yume” Plan Award has called for ideas of events and activities which park users would like to have in urban parks and has been awarded to submitters of excellent ideas since 1996.

*”Yume” means “dream” in Japanese.