Our Business

Survey Research on Parks and Recreation

Research of Understanding Current Conditions and Present Issues on Urban Parks

  • Survey of flora and fauna on urban parks
  • Visitor satisfaction survey on urban parks
  • Prediction of visitor numbers in urban parks based on visitor count surveys
  • Monitoring and evaluation of park management

Development of Park Management Plan
We develop management plan and suggestion considering information as follows.

  • Community involvement
  • Programming for environmental, cultural and historical education
  • Surrounding areas management focus on urban parks     etc…

Development of Techniques of Park Management
We develop techniques as follows,

  • Design method of forest floor and edge
  • Design method of flower garden and flower bed
  • Renewal management method of trees
  • Preservation management system of forest area
  • Setting appropriate level on lawn management
  • Park navigation system of mobile application

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

We have been awarded grants by a governmental organization since 2008.
These grants are awarded to scientific research elected as creative and pioneering research.

2008-2011 Development of Museum-like Facilities in Parks by Introducing Museology
2012-2013 A Study on Development of Optimizing Model for Conservation and
      Utilization of Tourism Resources in Historical Parks

Surveys Commissioned by National or Local Governments

We have conducted over 500 government-commissioned surveys over 30 years.

Information Collection and Provision of International Good Practices

Publish our Researchers' Papers in Scholarly Journals

Researchers actively present their research results at Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, the Museological Society of Japan and World Urban Parks Congress, and publish in academic journals.


Guidebook of Park management

First Edition in 1985
Second Edition in 2005


  • Purpose of Park Management
  • Maintenance
  • Operational Management
  • Compliance
  • Safety and Risk management
  • Community Involvement
  • Management System and Finance

Park Administration and Management Research

This journal includes research results and survey reports of our researchers, papers in PRF staff presentation for research and technological development, IPAM funded research reports.